RGIB will lead the bathroom furniture market in the European Union through the growth of its pan-European group of recognised brands in each country. And it will do so by diversifying its products and ranges in the bathroom and shower cabinet environment and adapting its strategy to new times and consumer habits.

RGIB will be one of the leading industrial groups in the world in the field of bathroom furniture, with a multi-brand and multi-product group philosophy, leading the market in each of the countries where it is already established or will be established in the near future.

Expansion policy

Currently, RGIB is designing new plans to maintain its growth through new sales channels such as contract and online development to maintain its leadership expectations in each market.

RGIB will offer a complete and varied selection of integral bathroom solutions in different design styles and materials for that channel that satisfy the demand of any type of consumer.

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    Royo Group International Bathroom (RGIB) is one of the leading European companies in the field of bathroom furniture. RGIB results from the union of two leaders who teamed up to win in this equation: they join the trajectory and experience of Royo Group and the financial strength that, as a platform for growth and consolidation, is provided by HIG.


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